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The beginning of 2003 was the historical point where PT Triguna Internusa Pratama (TIP) started its journey in the gas infrastructure investment business in Indonesia, by acquiring a gas pipeline in Tambun – Tegal Gede, Bekasi, West Java. Furthermore, TIP investment began to penetrate other business fields; namely the energy and utilities sector - among others, supply and operation of gas compressor facilities, gas production facilities, provision of operation and maintenance (O&M) services for oil and gas pipelines and geothermal plants, to the provision of clean water facilities (SPAM). Its scope of work and business expansion has also reached various regions in Indonesia such as West Java, East Java, Banten, Jambi, and Riau.

TIP is a subsidiary of PT Rukun Raharja Tbk, a holding company that is developing its business into an integrated upstream-to-downstream energy provider, focusing on four main business pillars, namely oil and gas infrastructure, gas trading, power generation, and upstream energy business.

TIP has expanded its line of business by acquiring two subsidiaries; PT Trimitra Cipta Mandiri (Operation and Maintenance) and PT Bravo Delta Persada (clean water supply facility).

As a corporation that is committed to supporting progress in oil and gas infrastructure development through sustainable investment, TIP and its subsidiaries continue to improve the value of infrastructure utilizing the latest technology and the best resources.


To be the esteemed and respected investment company on national and international scale in infrastructure development activities in the energy sector, including renewable energy and utilities.


1. Maintain and improve the performance of existing energy and utility infrastructure activities.
2. Develop investment and service provision in the new and renewable energy sector.
3. Prioritizing aspects of quality, occupational safety and health as well as environmental protection in every business activity.
4. Run the company in accordance with good corporate governance (GCG).
5. Synergize among subsidiaries within the business group.
6. Increase the company profitability and employee welfare, as well as encourage sustainable national economic growth.

Corporate Values

1. Trust
Teamwork (Synergy), Proactive, Thriving Innovation and Good Problem Solving.
2. Integrity
Honest, Transparent, Consistent and Respecting People.
3. Professionalism
Customer Oriented, Competent, Responsible.


PT Trimitra Cipta Mandiri

TCM is engaged in gas facilities operation and maintenance.



PT Bravo Delta Persada

BDP is engaged in the distribution of clean water to be distributed to water suppliers in various regions.

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